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Terms of use & Services

In order to provide our Services (as defined below) through our app, services, features, software, or website, we need to obtain your agreement to our Terms of Service (“Terms & conditions”) We connect businesses with potential clients anywhere in the world.

Buzzapp mobile (“buzzapp” “our,” “we,” or “us”) provides the services described below to you (“Services”) unless you live in a country or territory in the European Economic Area (which includes the European Union) and any other included country or territory (collectively referred to as the “European Region”).

Buzzapp Terms of Service

About Our Services

Privacy And Security Principles.

Since we started Buzzapp, we’ve built our Services with strong privacy and security principles in mind. Connecting Your business with Other People. We provide, and always strive to improve, ways for you to communicate with other businesses users including through messages, voice and video calls, sending images and video, showing your status, and sharing your location with others when you choose. We may provide a convenient platform that enables you to send and receive money to or from other users across our platform. Buzzapp works with partners, service providers, and affiliated companies to help us provide ways for you to connect with their services.

Ways To Improve Our Services.

We analyze how you make use of Buzzapp, in order to improve our Services, including helping businesses who use Buzzapp measure the effectiveness and distribution of their services. Buzzapp uses the information it has and also works with partners, service providers, to connect your business and pass information.

Communicating With Businesses.

We provide, and always strive to improve, ways for you and businesses and other organizations, to communicate with each other using our Services, such as through order, transaction, and appointment information, delivery and shipping notifications, product and service updates, and marketing. Safety, Security, And Integrity. We work to protect the safety, security, and integrity of our Services. This includes appropriately dealing with abusive people and activity violating our Terms. We work to prohibit misuse of our Services including harmful conduct towards others, violations of our Terms and policies, and address situations where we may be able to help support or protect our community. If we learn of people or activity like this, we will take appropriate action, including by removing such people or activity or contacting law enforcement. Any such removal will be in accordance with the “Termination Policy.

Enabling Access To Our Services.

To operate our global Services, we need to store and distribute content and information in data centers and systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. The use of this global infrastructure is necessary and essential to provide our Services. Affiliated services, we use external communications parties EG WhatsApp for instant chat and Google maps for business addresses and directions.


Our Services do not provide access to emergency services or emergency services providers, including the police, fire departments, or hospitals, or otherwise connect to public safety answering points. You should ensure you can contact your relevant emergency services providers through a mobile phone, a fixed-line telephone, or other service.


You must register for our Services using accurate information, provide your current mobile phone number, and, if you change it, update your mobile phone number using our in-app update details feature. You agree to receive text messages and phone calls Buzzapp or our third-party providers. For other businesses and public to contact you for your services that you’re are offering and not for anything either than those services you specified.

Address Book.

You can use the contact upload feature and provide us, if permitted by applicable laws, with the phone numbers in your mobile address book on a regular basis, including those of both the users of our Services and your other contacts.


In addition to being of the minimum required age to use our Services under applicable law, if you are not old enough to have authority to agree to our Terms in your country or territory, your parent or guardian must agree to our Terms on your behalf. Please ask your parent or guardian to read these Terms with you.

Devices And Software.

You must provide certain devices, software, and data connections to use our Services, which we otherwise do not supply. In order to use our Services, you consent to manually or automatically download and install updates to our Services. You also consent to our sending you notifications via our Services from time to time, as necessary to provide our Services to you.

Fees And Taxes.

You are responsible for all carrier data plans, Internet fees, and other fees and taxes associated with your use of our Services.